Vain Glory Opera

Love & Thanks

to my mom - for tolerance ^^

to Ky Kiske, the one and only, who is a fictional character, but still very special to me.

to Sol Badguy & the entire Guilty Gear (X) cast - for being there and being so alive ^^.

to Ishiwatari Daisuke, Arc System Works and Sammy, for a game that rocked my world and awesome character design.

to Artyom Tolstobrov - for hosting my site at :3

to LAMP-tacchi, Suusu, Ryo, Neomega, Lorellin, Ju - for motivating me to make this site, yay ^^ (cognac & manga supply is also good, yah ^^)

to David deFeis & Virgin Steele, Tobias Sammet & Edguy, Kai Hansen & Gamma Ray, Michael Kiske, Blind Guardian - for the music and inspiration

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email: seikisidan (at)