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Guilty Gear X is by far one of my most favorite games. this is a small tribute to it.

i'm sorry that i don't draw GGX girls often enough, even though i like them *^^*

i'd really love to make fanart of the whole cast one day. let's think positive! (even though Justice is one hell of a Gear to draw)

GGX and all its characters are (c) Ishiwatari Daisuke, Arc System Works and Sammy (Guilty Gear X Official Site)

please, feel free to link to this site, but don't use my fanart without my permission. don't steal it. -.- thanks.

Guilty Gear X Fanart (old --> new)
(update - 12.10.2003)

Rakugaki (old --> new)
(update - 15.03.2003)

my first sketch of Sol
Ky Kiske
ready to fight - Ky!
Ky in ordinary clothes
it's a girl! it's Millia Rage!
Game Over
Sol Badguy AND Fuenken!
no Fuenken this time
Jam Kuradoberi
Sol Badguy with his hair down (can you believe this?)

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